June 17, 2020

For Enthusiastic trekkers who plan to visit or have found themselves in Tanzania, the mentioned trekking spots below are not to be missed! read along to know why.

Mount Kilimanjaro

The illustrious Kilimanjaro sure tops all treks in Tanzania, it attracts thousands of trekkers around the world, the feeling you get with being on this magnificent snow capped number one world’s free-standing mountain makes you feel you are on top of all of the African continent.

The best thing about Kilimanjaro despite its height is it is walkable it does not require any technical skills or equipment apart from a walking pole. Another thing is that there are several routes to trek from and if you want to avoid the crowd, routes like Longai and Lemosho Are perfect.

Mount Meru

This is the Kilimanjaro child, it is the third highest mountain in Africa and it is located in Arusha district, also not technical it is a walkable structure and can be trekked comfortably in 4 days 3 nights. Normally the trek starts at Meru gate.

The best thing about Mt. Meru is despite being physically demanding there is no altitude sickness. Therefore with enough physical strength and endurance, the trek can get easier. Meru can also be the perfect acclimatization for mt. Kilimanjaro Trekking.

Ngorongoro Highlands(Empakai Crater)

Empakai crater is what we call the scenic Trek, the trek around the Ngorongoro crater rim can be the third most important trek to look forward to when in Tanzania, with donkeys as carriages, it is sure the trek down the memory lane to when Donkeys and other animals used to be the sole means of transport.

5 Days on this trek will guarantee you a new perspective about life.

The best about Ngorongoro Trek is you get to see the famous active volcano Oldoinyo Lengai, you may decide to hikes it to and see for yourself its activities.

Udzungwa Mountain

This is indeed the naturalist dream, located just about Six hours away from the bustling Dar e s saalam city. Unlike Kilimanjaro Meru and Ngorongoro trekking Udzungwa mountain requires camping in the middle of the forest, Hikers on Udzungwa normally makes their own trails as they go………See? these are indeed the off the beaten tracks

The best about Udzungwa is you get to experience about 10 species of primates, breathtaking waterfalls, unique birds and a lot and lot of plant species.

Trekking Udzungwa can be done throughout the year, however, the rain season require extra attention in when trekking, you have to have the proper and comfortable gears as it is always muddy and slippery.

These are just classic mentions that you will be thrilled to experience. For more information about trekking in Tanzania contact us 

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